Why do you need a Foot Care Nurse?

A salon pedicure is popular cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of feet and toenails. It is not a medical treatment. If you are suffering from various foot conditions such as ingrown, fungal nails, calluses, corns, or ulcers, a spa pedicure would not be appropriate.

A Foot Care Nurse is a registered nurse or registered practical nurse who has advanced training in foot care and foot diseases. They are considered part of a health care team and work closely with family doctors, podiatrists, chiropodists, physiotherapists and other members for recommendations and referrals. They are accountable and insured in their practice and use their knowledge, skill and judgement to ensure you are receiving the best care.

You can expect a Foot Care Nurse to examine and assess your feet with every visit. They will assess the condition of the skin and nails, circulation, sensation, swelling or edema and mobility. A plan of care will be established with client approval and consent. All care will be documented and kept confidential as part of your medical record.

Instruments/tools and surfaces are sterilized as per Best Practice Guidelines to reduce the risk of transmitting any infection between clients and environment.

Medical Pedicures can sometimes be covered under private health insurance plans or be tax deductible. Receipts will always have the business registration number and the nurse’s licence number with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNO).

Weigh the options carefully when choosing a foot care service. A salon and a medical pedicure are generally comparable in cost. Our company offers a mobile service which is an advantage to those who have mobility issues or who are not able to tolerate a visit to a salon.

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